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To me this makes sense! Further he wrote a political history of
To me this makes sense! Further he wrote a political history of
Scientolgy, which shows the take over of the church by the Psychs in
Scientolgy, which shows the take over of the church by the Psychs in
detail ([http://web.archive.org/web/20040805045920/www.scientologyintegrity.org/htmldocs/tt/tt.shtml about 1000 pages!]). That history is the data on which this eval
detail ([[The History and Time Track of L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology and the Fight about|about 1000 pages!]]). That history is the data on which this eval
is based.<br>
is based.<br>
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End of the Eval
End of the Eval
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Hi, attached you find a short form of an evaluation, which was pubished by OT 7 Mike McClaughry.
To me this makes sense! Further he wrote a political history of Scientolgy, which shows the take over of the church by the Psychs in detail (about 1000 pages!). That history is the data on which this eval is based.

This eval and his data you could have found on his website www.scientologyintegrity.org up to 2005. Now it is down. But like nearly all of the internet, this was backuped by the Wayback-Maschine. So you can still find his site on this address: http://web.archive.org/web/20041128051114/www.scientologyintegrity.org/pageindex.shtml.


The DATA SECTION of the Evaluation contains the data used in the Evaluation of the Church of Scientology. The data presented relates to these two facts:

Church of Scientology purpose & product = FREED SPIRITUAL BEINGS

Enslavers purpose & product – TRAPPED & ENSLAVED SPIRITUAL BEINGS

There are those who OPPOSE the Church of Scientology’s purpose and product and these are called Enslavers. The Enslavers are largely in control of planet Earth and they are not going to just sit and watch the Church of Scientology make free spiritual beings without doing something to stop it. And, they have stopped it – which is what lead to this Eval.

Since there are those who oppose freeing beings – Scientologists are going to have to pay the price of freedom if it is spiritual freedom they expect to have. It’s not an option.


The price of freedom is …








At this point we will communicate the EXISTING SCENE into which Dianetics was introduced. Following is information on the planetary and interplanetary situation:


The EXISTING SCENE into which Dianetics and Scientology was about to be introduced, was not a pretty one.

A certain alien race considers mankind their creation, therefore they are "God" to men. We were created to serve "God", which means to serve them – the aliens.

We are their livestock and the Nazi mentality is the same mentality as the owner of livestock.

The owner of livestock will thin the herd from time to time. He will also select out of the herd the best quality cattle for breeding purposes and then send the remainder to slaughter.

Nazi Germany was but an overt example of this mentality – to rid the world of people with inferior genes so they could not reproduce. The white race was considered having superior genes and the Germans were the Master Race.

Hitler did not originate the Nazi mentality. He served other masters. The real Nazis existed before and after Hitler, Hitler was just their overt front man – puppet. The Nazi movement continued after WW II covertly and underground.

When those of the alien "livestock mentality" use the method of war to thin the herd, they also profit enormously because they own the banks that lend governments money for the war and they also own the arms manufacturing companies. They use credit (money that does not exist) to make these war loans to governments – get their principal back right away because of arms purchases – and then leave the government in debt trying to pay back the principal and interest on the loans.

Plagues have also been used to thin the herd – in other words germ or biological warfare.

This certain alien race is the owner of planet earth and mankind itself. To them, we are just so much livestock. Mankind has the same problem as a cow. The cow does not realize that it is owned and it also does not realize what its owner has in mind for it.

While a cow may enjoy a certain amount of freedom in the pasture, his owner never allows him to leave the pasture and can do anything he wants with the cow whenever he wants. The cow’s owner has vastly superior understanding and technology and so it is powerless to stop its owner.

This certain alien race initially bred man to be a slave. To animate their creation, they used undesirable spiritual beings from their culture on other planets. By undesireable, we mean non-conforming, meaning not submitting to their wishes and control.

These non-conforming or troublesome spiritual beings were rounded up and given amnesia and were then sentenced to earth, to animate the slave bodies on earth.

Planet earth and mankind then serves several functions:

1. Spiritual prison planet and we are the prisoners.

2. Mankind is a slave labor force whenever our owners desire it.

3. Mankind is livestock for use in experiments, sexual favors, etc.

The common denominator of all three above is –

Prisoners can roam around inside a jail but are not allowed to leave the jail.

Slaves can roam around a plantation but are not allowed to leave the plantation.

Livestock can roam around inside a pasture but are not allowed to leave the pen.

Any effort by mankind to control his own affairs or to spiritually liberate himself from bondage, has been quashed by this alien race all down through history. They have infiltrated and controlled for their own ends, every decent political or religious endeavor.

Every religion that has sought to free earth-bound spiritual beings in any way – has been infiltrated and its teachings destroyed by alteration, deletion and fabrication.

They do this through a select set of front men on earth, and we have given them the name - Head Global Enslavers. The Head Global Enslavers then set up various front groups in society to maniuplate affairs towards accomplishing their spiritual enslavement ends.

This scenario can be likened to an octupus with many arms. The head of the octopus is the Head Global Enslavers and the tentacles or arms of the octupus are their various front groups reaching out into society to forward the purposes of the octopus head.



The actual name of the Alien Race appears to be THE ELOHIM – aka Markabians.


HEAD GLOBAL ENSLAVERS (Alien Enslavers Front Group on Earth)

About a dozen International Banking families – Rockefellers, Rothschilds, etc



Front groups have their leaders knowing the actual purpose of enslaving mankind but the lower people in them are Dupes who think they work for a good cause.

  • International Banking Commission
  • United Nations – One World Government Groups
  • The Round Table Group
  • Bilderberger Group
  • Council on Foreign Relations
  • Royal Institute of International Affairs
  • Christian Religion (certain factions within it)
  • Freemasons (Illuminati level Freemasons)
  • Rosicrucians (Illuminati level Rosicrucians)
  • CIA
  • Nazi Groups
  • Eugenics Societies
  • Sterilization League of America
  • Planned Parenthood
  • Euthanasia Societies
  • World Federation of Mental Health & member organizations – AMA, APA
  • Anti-cult Groups – Cult Awareness Network (CAN) etc
  • UFO Debunking Groups
  • Conspiracy Theory Debunking Groups
  • Church of Scientology (under the current management)

Some of the people in the above organizations are knowing-agents of the Head Global Enslavers. The majority of people in those groups are Dupe agents who believe they are working towards a good cause and are unaware of the evil purpose of enslaving mankind.

Not all of the alien races that visit earth are of this slave mentality and some are working to assist mankind to free itself from bondage.

However, the enslaving alien race has continued on with its plan for enslaving mankind. They have continued to act as mankind’s creator (God) by researching biological and technological methods of enslavement. This explains alien abductions of humans – to conduct experiments to advance mental and biological (DNA) enslavement technology. Their counterparts on earth have also been researching along this line. Thus, the CIA used psychiatrists to research mind-control methods (MKULTRA).

The research has also been into human DNA. The purpose is to be able to create a new species of mankind that can be mind-controlled via DNA and microwave machines that broadcast psychic signals to a receiver implanted in the human body.

The Second Coming predicted in the Christian religion is an overt return to earth by this enslaving alien race. They are coming with new and more advanced mind-control technology for the further enslavement of mankind.

The purpose of the Head Global Enslavers is to prepare earth for an overt alien landing, without resistance by men. One of the necessary conditions for the Second Coming, to ensure non-resistance by men, is complete political control of the planet – thus the desire to establish a One-World Government.

Once a One-World Government is established – the Second Coming (overt alien landing) will take place and then super-advanced mind-control technology will be applied to throw the entirety of mankind into a mind-controlled slave race that will serve the alien race without complaint. The aliens will then inhabit earth as some sort of paradise for them, because they have earth women for sexual pleasure and earth men to perform all hard labor tasks for them.

If the effects of the First Coming were thought bad – wait until you see the effects of the Second Coming with vastly superior mind-controlling technology! To get a glimpse of what Earth will be like after installing a One-World Government, take a look at Nazi Germany. The Global Enslavers will continue their work of eliminating "inferior" races until all that is left of mankind is a new species of man who is completely subservient to them via mind-control.

The above comprises the Interplanetary EXISTING SCENE into which Dianetics was introduced in 1950.



The Planetary EXISTING SCENE into which Dianetics was introduced in 1950 follows:

The Head Global Enslavers exist and work towards their evil end of enslaving mankind whether they are a front group for an alien race or not. Their evil deeds are much more visible and documented. What they have been up to is a documented fact, not a theory.

The Head Global Enslavers consists of about a dozen International Banker families that have been causing almost all of the woes of mankind. They have been exercising an ever-expanding political and religious death-grip on the remainder of the human race for centuries. Their envisioned end is to throw the entirety of humanity under their control. They are the Secret Government of Earth. They are the source of the Nazi mentality.

The Head Global Enslavers profit enormously from war and therefore they have promoted conflicts and have been the Third Party behind every major war in recent history. They financially back BOTH sides in a war. The way they profit from war is by owning the banks that loan governments the money for the war and they also own the arms manufacturing companies.

When they make loans to the governments for the war, they do so out of credit (money which does not actually exist) and they get their principal back immediately when the government makes purschases from their arms manufacturing companies. This leaves the governments with huge national debts to pay off the principal and the interest on the loans made by the banks. The International Banker gets his principal back twice plus the interest.

The Head Global Enslavers are the Nazi mentality and they financially backed Hitler. Hitler was just their front man for overtly carrying out their plan of eliminating "inferior" races of mankind. When Hitler was defeated, they continued their Nazi plan covertly and underground, after WW II. The Head Global Enslavers want to establish a One-World Government – at which point they can continue their Nazi work of eliminating "inferior" races on a broad scale again.

When Hitler was defeated, new front groups were formed for carrying out the world-conquest plans of the Head Global Enslavers. The World Federation of Mental Health was one of these front groups. The minutes of the meetings of WFMH discuss political goals of eliminating borders. Anyone who opposes that idea would be pronounced insane and so psychiatric facilities and treatment would act as a method of eliminating political opponents to the One-World Government plan of the Head Global Enslavers.

Another purpose of the WFMH was to maintain a highly profitable drug-based healing monopoly. The American Medical Association and the American Psychological Association are WFMH member groups. The AMA established its own Intelligence agency and attacked potential competitors who offered alternative healing methods to drugs. Some of these competitors were jailed and even killed.

Another front group established by the Head Global Enslavers is the United Nations and it has the entire purpose of establishing a One-World Government on earth.

Allen Dulles was an American Nazi who supported Hitler before and during WW II. He is connected to the Head Global Enslavers and he was the first Director of the CIA. When Hitler was defeated, the Nazi intelligence files and network of agents was turned over to the Americans and that was the start of the CIA. Allen Dulles was the perfect choice to lead this Nazi intelligence network forward after WW II.

Since the Head Global Enslavers envisioned end for mankind is total control over him – they have also taken up researching mind-control technology. Thus the Nazi-dominated CIA used Nazi psychiatrists for researching mind-control technology. The codename for the CIA’s mind control program was MKULTRA.

Now, into this Interplanetary and Planetary EXISTING SCENE – introduce Dianetics and Scientology. These two subjects flew into the teeth of all of the plans of the Head Global Enslavers. Dianetics threatened their drug-based healing monopoly and their mind-control plans. Scientology had the goal of freeing man spiritually and that directly opposed the Enslavers plans of enslaving mankind.

Nothing could have been worse news for the Head Global Enslavers and their plans.

Thus, the Head Global Enslavers have a motive for destroying the Church of Scientology’s end product of freed spiritual beings.






Earth is being prepared for an overt alien landing that will lead to mankind’s complete subservience to the alien race via mind-control technology.

The overt landing will take place shortly after a One-World Government has been established and is in control so there is no military resistance to the landing and takeover.






EARTH = Markabian prison planet for "misfit" spiritual beings


MARKABIAN = Our extraterrestrial jailors



About a dozen men who are the Secret Government of Earth and who are mostly responsible for fulfilling the Markabian purpose of enslaving all mankind through a One-World Government and mind-control technology



Our extraterrestrial jailor, their head representatives on Earth, and all of their network of organizations into society, to accomplish their end of keeping spiritual beings in their Earthly prison and enslaved – meaning under their control

End of the Eval