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The eBib Purpose

(written on the 24. June 2000 by Dipl-Ing. Andreas Groß)


In KSW-Series No 1 LRH gives every Scientologist the responsibility to Keep Scientology Working. There are 10 points in this: No One says: "Having the correct technology" and No Seven: "Hammering out of existence incorrect technology".

As there are indicators, that the correct technology has been squirreled by the Church of Scientology, there is the need to bring this point in. LRH wrote in HCO B 24 JANUARY 1977 TECH CORRECTION ROUNDUP (quote of only the first page):

"Auditors and Scientologists for 27 years have tended to be suspicious of HCOBs and Policy Letters not written by myself.

Until a few months ago my opinion was that this, while flattering, was not entirely justified.

However, these last few months have sharply changed my belief into total agreement with all those who have expressed some fear of reinterpretations of bulletins by others.

I have been engaged for some months now in a roundup of out-tech issues.

And I have found, I am sorry to say, that mice have been gnawing at the pillars of the Bridge, putting up traffic barriers and false detour signs.

I have been finding serious out-tech issues and correcting them.

Whether because of misunderstood words (the commonest cause of out-tech alterations) or other reasons, there have been a staggering number of tech sectors that have been corrupted by issues by others that alter-ised.

The corrections I have been doing have been, are being or will be issued shortly. However, not all auditors and Scientologists keep pace with current issues and so I am here giving you a rapid summary of the gross departures from standard tech which have occurred in the past 3 or 4 years and their corrections.

So you were right!

A very few people (3 or 4) have wittingly or unwittingly brought about outnesses which could easily make the difference between successful case handling and failed cases.

Action has been taken to handle them and there are a great many good people at work now in compiling and reissuing the workable tech which I developed in the first place.

It is now forbidden to write an HCOB or an HCO PL and sign my name to it. If anyone helped compile it or wrote it, my name is followed by "Assisted by _______," the person who helped get it back together at my directions.

Also no Board -Technical Bulletin may cancel an HCOB."

This still seems to be the case. Since 1973 as LRH stated in this quote. The reason behind this squirrel-attack seems to be revealed in HCO PL 14 June 1965 III:

5. The reason for this declaration is the consistent disaster visited upon her "allies" by the United States government and the efforts of that government since 1955, stepped up since 1963, to seize Scientology in the United States rather than forbid or stop it and the role played by the United States in inspiring the Victorian State attacks in Australia. Scientology technology is no longer offered to the United States government in any effort to assist her in political ends. Our participation extends only to our willingness to process US officials as individuals unconnected with their political aims, if as individuals they are not debarred by other existing policies relating to treating the insane or our ethics system.

In the work "Criminal-Time-Track" it is claimed, that the psychiatric influenced secret services took over the management of the CoS.

Their efforts to get rid of the tech had been done in many small steps: issues were cancelled, revised, declared confidential, newly written, reissued, alterised, false comments added ...

So there come the need for an important project to recover the point ONE of KSW 1: "Having the correct technology"

Some people made a very good job in this: The Free Zone Bible Association (FZBA) made available thousands of files of LRH-source materials on the WWW and in news groups.

This is the quantity aspect of this project.

As this job is going to be finished (as far as the english versions are concerned, the other languages will have to follow), we have to start with the quality aspect of this project: We have to sort out, what is original LRH-tech and what not.

To put up this question leads to a heavy confusion for many Scientologists. There seems to be two stable data to avoid this confusion (which are both not necessarily true): ONE is to continue to believe, that Int Management and RTC are good guys and do this job for each one of us to sort out what is good and what is squirrel. The OTHER is to take 1980 as a break point: all references before this date (last time when LRH was seen was February 1980) are good and trustworthy, after this date they are suspected.

The US-copyright law also "supports" this second stable datum, as all LRH works written until end of 1977 are only copyrighted for 28 years from their writing: "§ 304. Duration of copyright: Subsisting copyrights: (a) Copyrights in Their First Term on January 1, 1978. (1)(A) Any copyright, in the first term of which is subsisting on January 1, 1978, shall endure for 28 years from the date it was originally secured." (quoted from the COPYRIGHT LAW OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA)

So at least on the date of 1st January 2006 all LRH-works up to 1977 including will be public domain.

RTC is pushing their project to regain copyrights by alter-ising lots of issues. But by this they just regain copyright on their alter-is, not on the original works.

As per LRH (quoted in HCO B TECH CORRECTION ROUNDUP) the effort to destroy the tech started in about 1973, so long before 1980! It is questionable, whether LRH was able to handle this to EP, after he realized this attack in 1977. On the other hand, it is also possible to find valid and valuable source material published by the management after 1980, even if one assumes the take-over of the CoS-management (as per Criminal-Time-Track) to be a fact for the following reasons:

  1. It is possible, that LRH was really still writing tech and policy in the years 1980 to 1986. Although it is possible, that he was imprisoned by any enemy in this time or that he dropped his body before the official date of death, we can not be sure, that he did not write anything and that it was perhaps published by CoS-management to further their PR, that LRH is still alive and in control of the church and so in agreement with RTC and the new management.
  2. Also, even if assumed the sit, that LRH was imprisoned or even killed in 1980, it could be possible, that a corrupt management would publish valuable tech or policy with dates in the 80ies, which were written earlier by LRH and held back until publication with a false date of writing. This for the same purpose as in 1.
  3. Also it is obvious, that management issued "source material" under dates even after LRH's official date of death. We see HCO Bs and HCO PLs even dated into the 90ies! It is an interesting observation, that in the chapter "Complete List of Books And Materials" of the "What is Scientology" (published also on the CoS-Website www.Scientology.org) the number of pages of "source materials" published in the years 1980 to 1985 (six years) is five, compared to the number of pages of "source materials" published in the years 1986 to 1993 (eight years) is also five! From the amount of published "source" it is as well "proved", that LRH lived until 1986 as it can be "proved", that he is still alive and writing! It looks, as if the staffs, who were engaged in faking or publishing "LRH-source" (RTRC under Snr C/S Int) until Ron's official death in 1986 where so thoroughly justifying their activities, that RTRC had to continue with this also after his official date of death until present time. That is how a criminal behaves, he spreads wide the hints on his crimes.

The big question is, whether these RTRC-publications are worthless fakes or whether they are based on real and valuable LRH source, to which we have no other access, than by the published materials, authorized by RTC and copyrighted by CST/LRH Library.

But how to separate the chaff from the wheat? There is no other final test, than the one LRH gave us for this big question: Truth is "that which works. And that which works most broadly to that which it is applied. (PDC 19)" (quoted from Technical Dictionary). - So for example: Is the FPRD published as written by LRH in 1984 a valid tech? This can be decided after application of the FPRD on indicated cases and whether the application brings about the claimed EP. With this practical approach Scientologists are no longer in a hopeless mess.

As for an individual it looks like an enormous task to "separate the chaff from the wheat", as it seems even a task for a whole life, just to study, drill and apply everything LRH wrote up and gave to mankind as his gift. But we can do it as a group well coordinated.

So I suggest the following project and would like to contribute to it and coordinate every offered help on it:

We create a central computer-based L. Ron Hubbards electronic bibliography Database (short name: "Rons eBib") with all his works listed in one table and all the different issues (revisions, translations, securlarized editions (WISE), ...) in a related table. Then every Scientologist may use this eBib for his research and may add his notes, cognitions and comments upon the studied work and the issue to this public database.

One of us may find an outpoint in an issue, which others could miss. In this way we help each other to find out, what is the pure, workable tech and by this we will achieve the KSW #1 No One: "Having the correct technology" and No Seven: "Hammering out of existence incorrect technology".

There is no need for any central authority, who decides for all Scientologists, what is finally LRH-source and what is not. We just offer the possibility for everyone to publish his findings on the source materials, so that everyone is aided to decide by himself, what is true for him and what is false.

There will also be some other related tables in this eBib database, which contain the data about copyright-information (the published tables of the Library of Congress database on Hubbards works) or on the question, where to find any sought reference in the thousands of files published by FZBA and others. Even related tables for unusual Word to be cleared in each reference can be added to this database or crossreferences from one work to the other, so that the work with computerbased LRH-materials become an easy job.

Andreas Groß